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High schoolers: learn to code with 24 hours of fun, free food, & prizes.

Noon to noon
State College, PA

Welcome to the “hackathon.”

Hack Pennsylvania is a 24-hour event where 150 programmers, artists, designers, & other high schoolers from across the Northeast will come together to build apps & games. We’ll provide workshops, mentorship, free meals & drinks, & places to sleep. The next morning, judges will pick the best projects to demo and win prizes.


Students of all skill levels are welcome—we’ll hold multiple intro workshops & mentors will help you out!

Endless fun

It goes way beyond coding. Meet new friends, come to the 2am dance party, win prizes.

Fabulous food

You’ll be served Panera dinner, midnight ice cream, bagel breakfast, & continuous snacks. (alt’s available)

You woodn’t believe the prizes

Pine over the AirPods, Google Home, Raspberry Pi, speakers, batteries, software subscriptions, & much more.

Sprucing up PA

Last spring, we ran central PA’s first community-organized HS hackathon. This year, the event grows bigger + better—a tree-umph, we might say.

See what happened at the last event

Hacking‽ Is that safe?

Hold up! No, we’re not “hacking” servers or databases. The word is being constructively re-defined as building things—apps, games, websites, etc. At Hack Pennsylvania, it’s all safe, supervised, & entirely educational.


How much does it cost?

Nothing, it’s totally free. Registration and attendance are 100% free, with meals, drinks, swag, & workshops included.

Who can participate?

Any current student grades 8–12. If you’re under/over that age, send us a chat (in the corner) & we’ll see what we can do.

What if I’m new to coding?

Are you elemen-tree? Complete beginners are not only welcome, but expected! Learn as you go with our intro workshops & mentors.

What if I already know how to code?

All skill levels are welcome. Though we primarily market to beginners, we welcome experts (& everyone in between).

Do I need a team?

Nope! You’ll have an opportunity to meet fellow hackers and make teams of up to 4—find some new friends, bring yours, or work alone.

What can I make?

Anything! A website, app, game, hardware, you name it. Judges will rate projects on creativity, technical skill demonstrated, polish, & utility.

What should I bring?

Student ID, computer, chargers, anything for your hack (hardware?), toiletries, & a sleeping bag (maybe). For a few dozen hackers we have $30 travel reimbursements (bring receipts).

Who runs this? Is it supervised?

We’re independently-organized by high schoolers, sponsored via an intl. non-profit called Hack Club. The event is fully supervised by over a dozen adults (with background checks).

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Perks for all

Every attendee gets repl.it’s Hacker plan. We welcome hardware, so we’re also providing Particle Photons for projects. Of course, we’ll also have T-shirts, stickers, prizes, & sponsor swag.


Want to sponsor Hack Pennsylvania? Let’s chat

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SketchNotion.tech DomainsExpressVPN


We’re a passionate, diverse group of high school students planting new seeds of tech talent in PA through coding. 🌱

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